Herbs for Anxiety Treatment

Herbs also can help in anxiety disorders. Anxiety disorders are a common problem, affecting approximately 20 million adults and children in America. Anxiety is a common emotion consisting of uncertainty and worry faced by many, whilst anxiety disorders are when such fears are experienced irrationally. There are many treatments available, ranging from medication to therapy and alternative treatments. One treatment is through using natural herbal supplements.

Natural herbs are less costly than medication, and consist of herbs, vitamins and botanical. They can be taken individually, or with other supplements, but it is best to first consult your doctor before deciding on natural herbs as a treatment for anxiety disorders. They also have the advantage of having no side effects, as compared to medications which can result in side effects such as nausea. Below are some common herbs used in anxiety disorders treatment.

1. Passion Flower

This is a natural plant that is used to treat anxiety, amongst other ailments. Its has unique calming properties, and can also reduce body tremors from fear. It promotes better sleep, and can act as a painkiller. It also contains anti depressants, and is used for high blood pressure and epilepsy.

2. Lavender

This is a more popular alternative than the passion flower, and is also known for its calming properties. It is also one of the more effective treatments for panic attacks, and is a tonic for the nervous system.

3. Lemon Balm

This is used to calm the digestive and nervous system, and also reduces blood pressure. It is uncertain if used alone, lemon balm is effective for treating anxiety attacks. It is usually taken with Valerian, Chamomile or Passion flower.

4. Kava

It is an effective tranquilizer, and whilst it is not an addictive substance, research suggests that it may be linked to liver problems.

5. Valerian

This is another natural plant used for treating anxiety. It also promotes better sleep, allowing for the body to rest and recuperate.

6. Chamomile

Chamomile flower leaves are used to make tea, and is a natural alternative for treating anxiety. It also reduces fever, encourages sleep and enhances the body’s metabolism.

7. Dandelion

The roots and leaves are used to treat the body’s internal systems, and through it, provide relief for some of the symptoms of anxiety. It is commonly used in salads and tea, and can also be used as a substitute for coffee.

There are many natural treatments available, and herbs have been used for treating illnesses for centuries. However, do keep in mind that it is not a quick fix, and can only alleviate the symptoms of anxiety attacks. It is advisable to seek out behavioral or cognitive therapy so as to eliminate the root of the problem causing anxiety attacks.

Organic Teas Offer Many Benefits

If you like tea, you should know that organic tea makes a wonderful choice for those that like a full-flavored beverage to help them wake up in the morning or relax in the evening. Organic teas provide great taste without the toxins that can plague non-organic beverages. You can choose organic herbal teas for a caffeine-free end to your day to reduce jitters that can come from caffeine consumption late at night, and you may also select organic loose tea to make your own custom tea blends.

Organic teas are unique from other bulk tea, in that they earn their status by being grown in ways that do not use chemical fertilizers and pesticides. These toxic substances can leave residues in the tea that eventually makes its way to your cup, a situation that is not beneficial to humans. Organic loose teas adhere to a set of certified production standards for growing, storage, processing, packaging and shipping, so that what you get is a pure, natural, toxin-free beverage.

Organic tea is also commonly purchased in bulk. Getting bulk tea is a cost-effective way to make sure you will have a good supply of your favorite drink on hand. Organic loose tea also provides you the opportunity to blend your own unique mixtures, so you can combine the flavors that make you happy. Black and organic herbal teas are available in bulk for your convenience.

There are many unique tea flavors available. Chai tea is a popular drink, and for good reason. Although it can be made with water, it is typically made with hot milk, into which the tea is added, leaving its clove-spice fragrance for you to enjoy. Essiac tea is a unique tea blend that is made from burdock root, slippery elm bark, sheep sorrel, and Indian or Turkey rhubarb root. It has been used historically in traditional medicine, and today may be used to make the immune system stronger.

For a tea that allows you to experience a real tea flavor, you might want to try white tea. Of all of the teas available today, white tea is the least processed, and has greater levels of polyphenols than even green tea.

Some days you will want a tea that makes your smile and energizes you, and for this you might want to try cinnamon-orange spice tea. This is a tea blend that smells as good as it tastes, and many people will brew a little bit in order to scent the room deliciously. This and other varieties of organic loose tea make a wonderful gift for yourself and the other tea drinkers in your life.

Herbal Can Also Cure Measles

Measles is a contagious viral illness that spreads via airborne droplets coughed or sneezed out by a person infected by measles. Measles tends to infect children more than adults but they too are not safe from the viral infection.

The incubation period for measles is one to two weeks after which flu-like symptoms make an appearance with runny nose. However, the first sign of measles could be blood shot eyes and conjunctivitis. Although characteristic signs of measles are the appearance of white spots inside the cheeks which have pink areolas. These are called Koplik’s spots.

Measles rash usually makes it appearance on the fourth or the fifth day with the rash first becoming visible on the scalp and temples. This rash gradually spreads to the neck and rest of the body. The rash disappears faster than the brown pigmentation which can last for a while. Measles infection lasts for around 10 days.

Herbal That Can Cure Measles

  • Give your child food containing plenty of garlic and onion as they are known for their anti-infective action
  • Echinacea is also a marvelous anti-infective agent. So took for a tincture which contain extracts from Echinacea, give your child the tincture mixed in water twice a day for 3 weeks
  • Eucalyptus, naiouli, thyme and unalol oils can be given to children for the anti-infective properties. Take one drop from each oil with a spoonful of honey two times a day.
  • Use powdered licorice to relief symptoms of cough during measles. You can take half a teaspoon of licorice, mix it with half a teaspoon of honey to help with the cough
  • Take Barley water and mix it with oil of sweet almond to help with the cough symptoms associated with measles